Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rose - watermellon juice

11/2 cup freshly picked Rose Petals

3/4 cup boiling Water

1Big watermellon (cutted)

3/4th cup Sugar

1/4 cup strained fresh Lemon Juice

5 cup cold Water

Some ice.
Crush the rose petals with watermellon.
Add sugar, crush again then pour the mixture to a glass container. Stir well.
Serve in a glass with crushed ice.

Note: you can add lime juice too for tangy taste.


4 Raw Mangoes,
2 cupWater,S
4 cup Sugar,
1/2 tsp Green cardamom powder,
few strands Saffron (kesar)
1. Peel off, Cut& Boil the mangoes until tender and pulpy.
2. Scrape off the pulp,Mix the pulp with the water and strain the mixture.
3. Add the sugar, green cardamom powder, and saffron. Mix well.5. Serve chilled in long glasses.
Note: You can also add roasted, ground cumin seeds and black salt powder.