Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ras malai

4 cup/1lts milk for chenna

3 measuring cup milk for Ras
5 tbsp. sugar for Ras
1 cup sugar
3 cups of water
safforn, cardomom, pista, almonds
lemon juice


1. First keep the 3 cups of milk for ras to boil until it reamins 2 cup.

2. Bring 4 cups of milk to boil. Now to curdle the milk add lemon juice to it stirring continously.

3. Then drain it in a muslin cloth or handkerchief.

4. Hold it covered with cloth in the running water.Drain the excess water by pressing the cloth there must not be water remaining.

5. In a pressure cooker take 3 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar.

6. Take the paneer out of the cloth in a dish , mash it and make around 7-8 balls out of it

7. Toss that balls in the pressure cooker and bring two whistle.

8. Add the sugar for ras to it and add cardomon, pista, almond and safforn to it.Let it cool aside

9. As the pressure cooker is warm now open it take out the balls

10. Let the water drain by pressing it little and let it cook.

11. When the milk is cool add paneer balls to it .

12. Refrigerate it.

13. Serve Cold

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