Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Veg. Lasagna

Black 4-5(optional)

Mushrooms1 tbsp(optional).

oregano,basil, salt and pepper1 tsp.

garlic1 tbsp.

wide lasagna noodles

1 cup salsa sauce

1 tsp. oil

3-4 cubs Mozzarella cheese

1 cub. cheese,


Boil1 package lasagna noodles.

Pour in teaspoon oil to prevent noodles from sticking.

Take a pan put oil add olive, mashroom, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, and garlic paste.

Remove lasagna noodles and drain in cold water after they are tender.

Line a large baking dish with lasagna noodles, olives, mushrooms, salsa sauce and then the cheese. Repeat this process until the pan is full, ending with cheese, olives, and mushrooms to make attractive pizza looking topping.

Cook for an 1/2 hour at 450 degrees, covered with tin foil; remove foil and cook just until cheese is slightly brown and bubbly. let stand for 20 minutes and serve.

you can use onion/carrot/frenchbeans with/without olive & mashrooms.

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