Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vegetalie Burger

4 small sized Burger Breads.1 Cucumber, sliced4 Tomato, sliced1 tbsp Green chilly, chopped finelyCheese Spread-or-slicesLeaves of Lettuce-or-Cabbage100 gm Butter100 gm Cheese Spread
For The Cutlet
½ cup Carrots, chopped, boiled¾ cup Beans chopped, boiled½ cup Peas, boiled2 cup Potatoes, boiled, peeled, mashed1 Lemon1 tsp Green Chilli paste½ tsp Black Pepper powder2 tbsp Maida3 tbsp Bread CrumbsOilSalt to taste
For cutlet:
1. Mix carrots, beans, peas, green chilli, potatoes with salt, pepper powder, lemon juice. Mix well
2. Divide into balls. Rub cutlet in Maida and flatten the balls with your palm in form of cutlets.
3. Rub them in bread crumbs and Fry them in both slides, till golden brown in color.
To make the Burger:
1. Cut burger bread from between. apply butter to burger rolls and Fry for few seconds in iner side.
2. On the bottom burger roll: Apply cheese spread/slice, Place 1 leaf of lettuce/cabbage, then Place cucumber slice, tomato slice, the cutlet, again cucumber and tomato, sprinkle pepper and lastly the lettuce/cabbage leaf.
3. Before Placing the top roll apply cheese spread/slice and fix with tooth pick.
4. Repeat the same procedure for the rest 3-burgers and serve with tomato ketchup.

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